21 July 2013

Such a photogenic bunch!

I am finally sharing some of the photos I took of Paula & her family! I think it has taken me so long because there were so many good ones! I can't wait to take more photos of this beautiful family later in the year (when the husband/dad isn't away at work)! 

07 July 2013

Photos posted on Facebook in June

To all my followers who aren't in the world of Facebook, here are the photos that I posted in June. 

I took this one on my way home (13 June). For those of you who don't
know, I only discovered this windmill a couple of months ago. 
(I only have to take a slight detour of a couple of km's off
my usual route home to get to it - how awesome!).

I added these on my friend Debra's birthday.
Debra is a wonderful friend of mine and is very supportive of my
photography and it's her birthday today! So I thought I would
 share a photo of her hubby specially for her 

(I couldn't decide if I liked the colour or black & white better!)

I absolutely love this photo.
It is of a piece of Buffel Grass covered in dew 

from a fog. I hope you like it as much as I do 

My family were driving around the paddock showing our visitors our bulls
when I took this photo. 

This photo was taken at the start of June one foggy morning.

Another one of my macro photos :) 

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I think willie wag tails are very photogenic