08 January 2015

November Facebook Photos

I took this photo during our holiday up at Cairns in July this year.
I loved this paddock with the rich green grass, blue mountains in the background and the trees 

My favourite tree at sunset :)

Another photo of my favourite tree  Oh and it's not rain in this photo - it's dust!

I love the stars in this photo! You had to be lucky to get under this storm!

A bit of cuteness :) 

07 January 2015

Lightning Storm 28-10-14

These photos were taken from my verandah on the 28th October. I am very very happy with them! 

There is a red glow in a few of the photos from a fire that was started by the fire.

05 January 2015

October Facebook photos


Saddled up and ready to go!... Almost... Just missing the bridle hehe...

I must say - I am quite proud of this one!
Taken 28/10/14

I took this photo of a beautiful pregnant mama one foggy
morning back in September.
It made an awesome backdrop!

I think someone wants to get out hehe

The clouds sure do make a pretty awesome backdrop some days :)

Bruizer scratching his tummy. How cute is that nose!

04 January 2015

Meet Bandit!

Bandit is the newest member of our family. After losing Cowboy a couple of months ago, it was time to fill the hole in our hearts with a new puppy. 

Bandit is a Miniature Dachshund (like Cowboy) and is currently 7 weeks old... And has already stolen our hearts completely! 

We have only had him a week and it is amazing how much he has grown and how much he has changed colour. <3

I think this is just the start of many, many more photos to come... 

03 January 2015

RIP Cowboy

We had to say goodbye to my little man on Monday 6th October after a dingo attack. 
I miss him very much and will definitely miss taking photos of his cuteness. 
I hope my photos of him have brought smiles to your faces, because he definitely brought a lot to mine. 
He was a very special little dog who left big footprints on a lot of hearts.

RIP Cowboy. Love you to the moon and back xx