31 October 2012

Fixing the Fence...

Dad, Poppy and I fixing the fence...



...Ok... so maybe Dad fixed the fence and Poppy and I just spectated... We were there for moral support though!  Hehe...

29 October 2012

Lightning October 2012

Well this is my first attempt at getting photos of the lightning and as you can see from the photos I haven't yet mastered the art of it yet, but I was quite happy with these for my first attempt.

28 October 2012

Bettafield & Bauhinia Park Charolais & Charbray Bull Sale 2012

Bettafield & Bauhinia Park
Charolais & Charbray Bull Sale 2012
Monday 10th September 2012

Before the Sale...

Sale-O, Sale-O!
Lot 1 in the ring ready to go.

Jesse Barnes in the ring with one of the Bauhinia Park Charolais Bulls.

Steve Kajewski, Bettafield Charolais &
Charbrays,in the ring with two of his bulls.

Sean O'Hanlon, Elders Emerald, Auctioneering.

Raelea, Jeff and Ryan Holzwart with Rachel Bianci watching in the

Mick Nobbs, Jeff Holzwart and Howard Nobbs with top price selling
Bauhinia Park Flip.

A few September photos

Cody getting the bulls in.

Emma chillin' out.

Hop Kirby.

03 October 2012

The Crawford Family 29/09/12

Ryan. Tessa. Jess. Angus.

...and Chad.

Mum and her babies.

C'mon Dad. What are you doing?

Camera shy...


Ten litle toes.

A mother's love.

Piled up in Audrey ready for a drive.
With Tessa at the wheel.

Daddy's little girl.

On the ride on mower with Dad.

Cousin Jack.

Funny faces!

Cuddles for Chad.

Happy girl.

Kisses for Tessa!