31 December 2012

You could see the smoke for miles!

Burning a paddock at home, mid December
Grading the last of the Fire Break


Let the fire begin!

Hop & Rachel watching it take off

It nearly got away!

Hop and his trusty fire fighting brigalow branch.

Sneaky fire tried to get away under the fence.

I sat in the cab of the ute where I could breath!

Jeff says "Job well done boys, and girls"



All tuckered out after a big day

Eagle eyes

We saw this beautiful eagle coming home from town yesterday on our road. 

I haven't been having much luck with animals staying still for me lately, so I was extremely happy it didn't fly away so I could a few snaps! 

I'm quite sure it was posing for the camera

In this photo, it looks to me like it's giving us a cheeky grin. 

30 December 2012

Brahman Cattle, Dogs, great Gardens and even better Views

Afternoon at "Stewart Park"
Comet, Central Queensland

Having a scratch.

"You got a bit of dirt there on your neck.
Let me get it for you."

Itchy chin... 

"What are you looking at?"

"Beep beep beeeeeeep beep beep!"
That's all it takes for these cows and calves to come running.

What a cutie... 

Happy boy!


29 December 2012

Are we there yet?

Drive Home from the Coast
22nd December 2012

I'm not exactly sure where I was when I took these photos, but they were all taken between the Sunshine Coast and Emerald, on the inland road via Biloela... Except the last two which were around Duaringa, Central Queensland. 

It's so hard to believe it's been a week since I took these photos! How time flies!