15 January 2017

New website!

Our new Bindi Taneal Photography website has gone live and I am very proud to share it with you all! 


It has updated galleries, an online store and a new blog

Be sure to check it out, add it to your favourites and sign up for our emails!

Happy browsing!

31 December 2016

2016 Highlights for Bindi Taneal Photography

Well what a year! 

Here are a few of my Highlights from the year that was 2016:

The highlight of my year was winning Grand Champion 
at the 2016 Emerald Show.

These 5 photos received the most likes for the year on my Facebook page.

 I loved taking formal photos for these 4 awesome people! 
Each shoot was a lot of fun - what a photogenic bunch!

Thank you everyone for your support throughout the year, and may 2017 bring you lots of happiness and good times. <3

December Facebook Photos

Hello all! 
Check it out! I'm posting on time/early!!! 
I hope you enjoy these photos that were posted to my Facebook page during December. 

No matter where I am, I will always be country at heart <3

These handsome boys gave me a good excuse to get my camera out...
The sunset was a dud, but the sky was still pretty amazing and
made for some good silhouettes :D

My brother :)

I think this guy was pretty excited to be taken for a ride :P

Love this silhouette :)

I love how much detail some flowers have in them when you look closely.
My hoya <3

Moods of the Ocean.
I took this photo during our beach holiday last week while my very
patient husband waited for me <3

The Wharf, Mooloolaba :)

While we were away at Mooloolaba in December, we got to see this amazing sunset.

Boxing Day Sunset.
Boxing Day afternoon I headed out of town a bit to watch the sunset.
There were plenty of storms around and this sunset didn't disappoint.
This photo was taken on Tyson Road, Emerald.

This photo was also taken on Boxing Day, a bit later than sunset. The clouds turned a beautiful pink!

I love a good sunset :)

This spectacular Christmas Tree belongs to my beautiful friends from  Roma.
Each decoration on this tree was either handpicked by them,
or given to them. And it has almost 600 lights! It truly is magnificent.

A [belated] Merry Christmas to you all!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

November Facebook Photos

Unfortunately there will be no more photos of this cactus because, well,
it's cactus. (You know it's been dry when even the cacti die!)

A bit of cuteness to help you get through your day :) 

We have had a bit of cloud around lately so I have been going for
a few drives to try and get a good sunset photo..
but so far I have had no luck. This was the best I could get this particular day.

The clouds yesterday afternoon were magnificent. I took a bit too long getting out of town and missed
the best of the light, but I hope you can imagine how awesome they were from this photo...

So I tried to get a photo of the Super Moon 14/11/16 but failed miserably...
So I am going to share a photo of 13/11/16's beautiful sunset instead.
How magical are these hoya flowers! I may have accidentally pulled them
off my plant (whoops...) so took the opportunity to get my macro lens out :)

This photo was quite popular on my Facebook page too. Seems people
like the farming photos ;)

The clouds on the afternoon of 31/10/16 were amazing!
It looked like gentle waves on the ocean... This photo didn't work
out quite how I wanted it to, but I think it's still pretty cool :)

30 December 2016

September & October Facebook Photos

Here are the photos I shared on my Facebook page in September & October. 

This was one of the first photos I took with my wide angle lens.
I love the rain, clouds and sunrays in this one

Isn't this just the most cutest Milk Mustache you ever did see?!
Hearing little miss try and say "Milk Mustache" was nearly just as adorable ;)

This sunset 31/08/2016 was just glorious.

There's nothing like a good photo-bomb XD

A simple rustic photo <3

I do love the golden hour ;) 

"Please mum... let go of my stick!"

"Please mum... let go of my stick!"

Just in case you were wondering, my dogs are REALLY hard to take photos of!

This photo got lots of likes on my Facebook page!
Graincorp Emerald at night.
(I have my Dad to thank for these ones! He rang me and told me they were unloaded so
I jumped in the car and went for a drive)

This one was very popular on Facebook too :) 

Another one from our NSW trip (aka our honeymoon in October 2015)

I haven't shared a photo from my garden for a while,
so thought I would show you all these cuties!


29 December 2016

August Facebook Photos

I got a bit behind on sharing my Facebook photos with you again sorry.. 
I hope they are worth the wait! 

How incredibly beautiful are these flowers!
The trees looked like they were covered in fairy floss :)
Taken in the streets of Armidale, NSW, October last year.

"May all your weeds be wildflowers..."

When I look at this photo, I feel peaceful. I hope it has this affect on you too.
Somewhere in NSW, October 2015

Colours like this make my heart sing <3 :) 

Here's some of my family's weaners in the yards (taken earlier this year).

I was awarded a Highly Commended at the 2016 Emerald Show
for this photo of Payton :)

I know I've already shared a few photos of this calf,
but it's just so darn cute

Can you believe this little gem is in Central Queensland?
"Moss Garden", Carnarvon Gorge.

I took a quick trip to Carnarvon Gorge in July.
The weather was absolutely glorious (although a
bit cool in the morning!). We may have made
a couple of stops along the way so I could take
some snaps.
(You can view other photos from the drive here).

Peak Range, Capella Qld

One from the archives, taken back in January 2014. 

This is 'Hillary', my family's poddy calf from last year.

This photo was taken back in April last year. It's amazing what a difference
rain makes.

Look at the horns on this beautiful old girl :) 

There's just something about old sheds with rusty
corrugated iron and peeling paint...

Old wooden yards hold so much character.
I bet they've heard some arguments in their time hehe.

This shed is the old dairy at Saumarez House, Armidale NSW.
If you're even down that way, the tour of Saumarez House is definitely
worth doing. The house and surrounding buildings hold so much history.