24 May 2016

Storm 16.01.2015

I was going through some photos today and I realised I never shared this collection with you from January last year! 

The lightning this night was incredible. 

This one made it onto the cover of the
2016 Emerald Show Schedule cover!
(This year our theme is Queensland Weather).

22 May 2016

Sorghum Crop - Part 1

These photos of this sorghum crop were taken on the 24th April this year, between Emerald and the Gemfields (Central Queensland).
I can't wait to go back out in a week or two and get photos of it when it is ripe and that beautiful rusty red colour :D 

The beautiful Springsure Mountains are in the background <3

19 May 2016

April Facebook Photos

Here is the collection of photos I shared on my Facebook page during April. 

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There is a cute collection of about 30 mailboxes lined up at
Woolomin, NSW (between Tamworth and Nundle). This is about a third of them.
This photo was taken on our honeymoon, October last year.

I always get excited when I rediscover photos I took ages ago.
Like this one from 2012 :D

We really have been having some spectacular sunsets lately.
This one was taken at the Fairbairn Dam.

FARM·ER: Noun.
One who is outstanding in their field.

Like father, like son :P

Over Easter, Anthony & I went for a drive with my father-in-law
to the property they share-farm. The light was in the perfect
spot to make the grass sparkle in front of this old cruiser. 

Another one of the old ute - it's quite photogenic, don't you think?

There's just something about old fence posts -
especially when they are on a lean hehe.

I love this time of the year when pink lines the horizon at dusk

There is something about the simplicity of a
black and white photograph.

The day I took this photo I was in a grumpy mood, so decided to grab
my camera and go for a drive. I'm so glad I did!
It was such a magnificent sunset.

I was at home for lunch one day and a willie wagtail came and
sat on my front verandah, and it reminded me of this photo.
He was happy just singing along and I could have listened to him all day.

Here is the photo for April out of my 2016 Calendar.

I haven't shared any puppy love for a while,
so here's one of Bandit when he was younger <3

Beautiful "Brumby".
We got "Brumby" as a foal over 10 years ago.
He was chestnut as a baby! His coat continually changes colour...