25 November 2012

Wild Sunflowers & Friends

Cute little lady beetle :)
I know this flower is only a wild sunflower but they're the
only thing I
can grow! And I think they are quite pretty...
Love it. Took me ages to get this shot!


18 November 2012

Looking Beautiful in Blue - Emma's Formal 2012

My Little Sister's Year 12 Formal
14th November 2012

Emma and formal partner Jarrod Wilson


I love this photo. One of my favourites.

And this one too...

Sibling fun - Me, Emma and Ryan
Ok, so I know I didn't take this photo but I couldn't not include it...  

So maybe she's not that little anymore...
(I think I was standing on mytippy toes in this photo!!...)
But to me she will always be my little sister
regardless of how tall she is. xx

Cousin Alex 

Another one of my favourites.

I think this one would have to be my favourite.
No matter what she's doing or how dressed
up she gets, she will always be Emma
true at heart.
Love You Chookie xx