15 August 2016

On the road to Carnarvon Gorge

I went for a quick trip to Carnarvon Gorge a couple of weekends ago, and took the opportunity to try and get a few snaps for my 2017 calendar. 

The weather was so beautiful and the mountains were so clear.  

And I thought I better share a photo from Carnarvon Gorge itself
- the "Moss Garden".
It was worth the 7km walk - it's pretty amazing that this little gem is
in Central Queensland!

07 August 2016

Sorghum Crop - Part 2

So here is Part 2 of my Sorghum Crop photos! (You can view Part 1 here). 

The first photos were taken in April, and these in early July, 2 and a bit months later. 


How cool is this photo!