13 July 2015

April Facebook Photos

A stormy afternoon taken back in January.

A stormy afternoon taken back in January.

These flowers were on one of my succulents. 

Unfortunately Bandit thought they were a play toy,
so the flowers are no more.
They were beautiful while they lasted though .

Black & White?

Or Colour?

Birds, Sunset and Buffel Grass

Enjoy every sunset.
Look forward to every sunrise.

There's just something about the
jingle-jangle of spurs <3

How cute are these whiskers!!

This sunset was a magical one!
This photo is unedited (apart from the watermark!) - the colours were that awesome!

These boys made a great silhouette for me! :D

06 July 2015

A bit about me

So back in May, I shared a bit about me on Facebook so thought I would share on here too! 

Well this is me. 

My name is Bindi Holzwart and I am a 24 year old from Emerald in Central Queensland.

I live in town with my fiancĂ© and our very adorable (and very spoilt) dog, Bandit. 

My family owns a cattle property near town which is where the majority of my rural photos are taken. I love the wide open spaces and sunset is my favourite time of the day. 

In my spare time I enjoy listening to country music, playing around in the garden and taking photos (of course). I am also heavily involved in the Emerald Show Society. 

I thought it was about time I shared a bit about myself – it has been a long time since I did it last. 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and I hope you continue to enjoy my photos.

(Photo by my friend Valerie Korn - Thanks Valerie!)

March Facebook Photos

There's just something about green grass and dark clouds that is magical...

Such big eyes <3

This photo says it all ;)

How's this for a grumpy face! It cracks me up but it's exactly how I feel
about Monday mornings!  

Do you think they were keen for some cotton seed? 

Another one from October 2013 :)
From memory this was taken on Emerald Downs hill 

05 July 2015

February Facebook Photos

Well I thought it was about time I tried to get this blog up to date!! Here's the photos that were posted to my Facebook page back in February. 

My little monster loves digging holes! But how can you get cranky at that face!

I don't normally get photos of my favourite tree from this angle but I like it :)

Doesn't Bruizer have a beautiful smile?

Old dead trees have so much character! I bet they could tell some stories too

I love this photo! Can you spot the foal?