28 April 2014

Sunset Shoot

I am absolutely in love with these photos! My brother Ryan and his other half Rachel were exercising a couple of horses, and it turned into a spur-of-the-moment mini photo shoot! 

Cowboy dog had to be in on the action too! 

27 April 2014

All because two people fell in love

Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad! 

These photos were taken on the Great Ocean Road when we were in Melbourne last year. It was a FREEZING cold day! 
(For those of you who don't know me, I am the one in the denim jacket with the glasses in the 2nd photo)

07 April 2014

March Facebook Photos

March was very busy for me and Facebook got a bit neglected! 
I didn't share many photos for the month, but here they are:

Here is a photo of Indi (the horse), Paul (the rider)
and Cowboy (my dog)! Cowboy isn't normally
a huge fan of heights but he seemed to feel right
at home on the saddle. Must have something
to do with his name! ;)

I cut some of Ellie's hooves off! Oops!
But I still love this photo :)

How cute is this little bird hanging out on my fence :D

Here's one of my other half taken when we were
on bull feeding duties one weekend.

How beautiful is this belly!

This was the amazing sunset that happened on my mum's Birthday
on the 9th March. It lit up the whole sky!

I took this photo on my phone :) 

Lucky I had to get some washing off the line or I would have missed this
beautiful sunset!

It rained! These are a few photos I took on my phone the morning of March 26. We were extremely blessed to get almost 6 inches for the week! It filled the dams and the grass is looking absolutely beautiful now!

06 April 2014

February Facebook Photos

How slack have I been!! 

Here are the photos I shared on my Facebook page during February: 

"Don't let me go"
I took this photo last year when my family and I were
holidaying in Melbourne of my brother and his girlfriend.

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."
- Winston Churchill

I love the reflection in Bruizer's eyes in this one! 

Colour or Black & White? 

I love the colours in this photo.

How gorgeous are these pair! This is Henry and Lexie