09 March 2015

January Facebook Photos

We found this beautiful little spot between Mooloolaba and Montville
while we were on holidays. I so wish I had a shed like this in my
backyard! And I don't mind the old cruiser too :) 

Can you see the grass growing in the floor boards? ;)

We have been extremely lucky to get some rain here at home since Christmas.
If you have been missing out I have been praying that you will get some soon!
This awful drought has to break eventually, and each day we are a day closer to the end of it.

Life's better in the country :

How beautiful was this sunset (taken 09/01/15)!

How beautiful was this sunset (taken 09/01/15)!

I don't get to drive past these beautiful gums anymore! I moved into town :(
Still adjusting (and unpacking!) but getting there :) 

How awesome is this sky!
The light rays (not sure what else to call them?) were incredible!

We have been getting some beautiful sunsets here lately!
Here's one from 30th December.

06 March 2015

December Facebook Photos

I love how Charolais calves are just so incredibly white when they are babies!
How cute is this little one 

I do love this tree!

Sometimes I wonder how on earth I see the things
that I see to get the photos I get....
My family just look at me as if I am from another planet :P

Here is a photo I took while we were away
on holidays in December.

Photos of my beautiful engagement ring :) 

{Phone Shot} The sky 06/12/14

{Phone Shot} The sky a bit later 06/12/14

{Phone Shot} An awesome sky Christmas day!

01 March 2015

Hillary & Bandit

Bandit made a new friend a few weekends ago - meet Hillary, the poddy calf my mum is looking after. She's a bit cute :) I love Charolais calves because they are so white when they are babies! :) 

Making friends :) 


Hillary getting a scratch from Mum :) 


Spot the Bandit! I think this photo is adorable :)