26 August 2012

iPhone Snapshots

Here are some photos I have taken on my iPhone...
Muddy jeans after going for a ride on the motorbike with Dad.

Driving to town in the wet.
Kind of looks like Chocolate Moose, doesn't it!

The view from my house at dusk.

I took this one while we were away
at Mackay one weekend.

Skittles - such a poser..

Beautiful flowers.
One of my favourite photos.

These next few photos were taken/edited with one of the apps you can download onto iPhones, so I can't take the full credit for how good they look.

Table sprinkles at a 50th Birthday party I went to.

Love these shoes! If only I could walk in them!!


  1. Nice photos Bindi. Those flowers are lovely and whose adorable shoes are they?

    1. Thanks Deb :-)
      They are my beautiful shoes. I love them! But they don't get worn very often...