14 December 2012

Blackdown Tablelands, Central Queensland

Camping Trip
13-14 October 2012
(It's only taken me a little while to put these photos up...)

Yaddamen Dhina Lookout

One of the creek beds

On the walk to the Gudda Gumoo lookout and Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
The 2km walk and the 200 and something stairs (one way) to get there were tiring but it was well worth it. 

Some of the wild ferns and flowers we saw along the way.

Creek bed along the Mook Mook walk

Yaddamen Dhina Lookout at sunset on the way home

Goodbye Blackdown Tablelands... We will be back again to see you soon! 


  1. Oh Bindi, these are lovely. We have never been to Blackdown Tablelands. The rock formations are great.

    1. Thanks Deb! You will have to come with us one day!
      :) Bindi