26 August 2012

iPhone Snapshots

Here are some photos I have taken on my iPhone...
Muddy jeans after going for a ride on the motorbike with Dad.

Driving to town in the wet.
Kind of looks like Chocolate Moose, doesn't it!

The view from my house at dusk.

I took this one while we were away
at Mackay one weekend.

Skittles - such a poser..

Beautiful flowers.
One of my favourite photos.

These next few photos were taken/edited with one of the apps you can download onto iPhones, so I can't take the full credit for how good they look.

Table sprinkles at a 50th Birthday party I went to.

Love these shoes! If only I could walk in them!!

19 August 2012

Some memories of Sibby...

Here are some memories of Sibella,
who was affectionately known as Sibby to most.

As you can see from the date stamps, some are from quite a while ago!

Mum (Raelea), Emma, Carl, Sibby & Ryan at Bauhinia Park

And again..

Emma showing off (as usual hehe)
while Sibby has a bite to eat.

Sibby & Ryan at Kensington.
Such a pretty thing (Sibby, not Ryan).

This one was taken back when I use to occasionally get on a horse
(which was usually Sibby).

One of mum's favourite photos of all time.

Love this photo. Just a bit Cute!

She was a smoocher...

And a bit of a character!!

But she was also a friend...

...and part of our family.

She will always be missed, and forever in our hearts.

One wet & rainy day at the Emerald Saleyards

Warren Holzwart, Ray White Rural Emerald &
Gary Wendt, Ray White Livestock Gracemere
taking bids

18 August 2012

Drip... Drop... Drip... Drop...

In case you are randomly wondering what happens when I get bored and there is a dripping tap and a full trough near by, you don't need to wonder any more! Here's the results:

And last but not least, my favourite:

15 August 2012

Some of the Birdlife on Kensington

I had to sneak up on these guys when they were feeding
on the spilled grain in the cattle yards...

...but I will admit that I didn't mind when they saw me and
got startled - I got to take this awesome shot. 

This cockatoo was just sitting on his
perch watching the world go by.

I went outside early one morning (ok, maybe
not that early, but it was morning) and this
little guy was sunning himself on my fence.
Couldn't resist but to get my camera out!

Thankfully he stayed there long enough for
me to get a snap.