25 August 2013

July's Facebook photos - and my 100th Blog Post!!!

Cowboy helping me edit photos one Saturday morning! (Phone shot)

This photo is what happens when there's a container of coloured
straws sitting around and Bindi has her camera in hand!
I hope you like it!

Hungry weaners after being let out of the yards for the day.
I love the clouds! And the green grass

I found this spot on my travels one afternoon when I was trying
to find somewhere close to town to get a good sunset shot

This is something a bit different for me
(and far from perfect!) but I like the way it turned out

This baby camel was just a day or two old when this photo was taken :) 

He grew too fast! 

In the market for a Charolais bull?
These big boys from Bauhinia Park Charolais will be up for grabs at the
9th Annual Bettafield & Bauhinia Park Charolais Bull Sale on Monday 9th September

I love it when Edward and his family come to visit 
They are a very good excuse to get the camera out!

If you look closely there are two brolgas flying near the horizon.

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  1. Lovely Bindi.
    Congratulations on your 100th blog post. Time flies when you are having fun.