19 October 2013

Baby Braxtyn

Baby Braxtyn

This precious little man belongs to very good friends of mine and I had the pleasure of taking these cute snaps when he was just 7 days new. 

There's just something about babies in black and white that I just love <3

Braxtyn had the cutest little facial expressions!

Such a sad face!

Doesn't he look relaxed in this one!

Braxtyn wasn't overly impressed about laying
in the bucket of his tip truck but I think these
photos are still super cute!

A mothers love... xx

One very proud daddy :)
It's such hard work posing for the camera!

1 comment:

  1. They are lovely Bindi. The tip truck photos are cute. To think that he will be flat out fitting in that truck in 12 months.
    Lovely work again.