09 November 2013

September & October Facebook photos

September & October Facebook photos

I am a little behind in sharing my Facebook photos so thought I would do 2 months at once to catch up! 

How cute is this baby Alpaca!!! Her name is Coco

The Sunset on September 22nd through the smoke haze.

This one I shared on September 2nd for the
2nd day of Spring!

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful sister to photograph

This was the photo I shared on Father's Day! 

This one I shared on September 5th for "R U OK?" day 

I was going through some photos from 2010 the other day and re-discovered this one. I really love this photo of
Detroit and Bob looking totally alert!
I hope you like it too!

How cute is this photo.. 
I can imagine the cow saying "Hold still and put
your head up so I can clean under your neck."
Then the calf replying "But mum..
You're embarrassing me!" Hehe

Trying to beat the storm - I love the contrast!

Cattle work in the yards at sunset... So dusty but so beautiful!

Look at this smile! 

I love this photo!
 has a lot of imperfections but to me the imperfections are what make
it perfect 
 I love how you can see the action in it.

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