19 October 2013

Baby Braxtyn

Baby Braxtyn

This precious little man belongs to very good friends of mine and I had the pleasure of taking these cute snaps when he was just 7 days new. 

There's just something about babies in black and white that I just love <3

Braxtyn had the cutest little facial expressions!

Such a sad face!

Doesn't he look relaxed in this one!

Braxtyn wasn't overly impressed about laying
in the bucket of his tip truck but I think these
photos are still super cute!

A mothers love... xx

One very proud daddy :)
It's such hard work posing for the camera!

02 October 2013

August's Facebook Photos

Well, finally they are here! My August Facebook photos! 

I had a very busy September and it went very quickly! So I thought I better post them seeing as we're already in October. This year is just going too fast! 

The weather here is simply divine and I have been out playing with my macro lens
These water droplets were on the see-through part of the lid of my kettle!

Unfortunately the spider isn't in the third photo in this series,
but I thought I would share it with you to show just how small the spider was -
the third photo is my thumb nail up against the piece of buffel grass the spider was on!
I think it looks like the spider is dancing in the middle photo

I took this photo last Saturday afternoon when I was down at our dam.
It's one of the only photos that turned out of the pelicans
because it was just about too dark for photos.

Bruizer sitting on the verandah keeping watch for intruders!

I thought this little guy was quite cute hanging out on the marigolds in dad's veggie garden

Here's a photo from our NSW trip of a beautiful canola crop.
I took about 550 photos throughout the week, so as you can imagine there's a lot of sorting to do!

This old shed was about 60km North of Coonamble.

I shared this one on Facebook for the last day of Winter.
How fast is this year going?!