16 July 2016

May Facebook Photos

Here are the photos that were posted to my Facebook page in May! 

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I've been playing with a few black & whites lately.
This photo was taken at the Dorrigo National Park on our honeymoon last year. 

We are so blessed to have so many beautiful places in Australia :)

I posted both the colour and black & white version of this photo on
my Facebook page and asked what people preferred - colour won :) 

When I saw the character this gorgeous old shed had,
I just snapped! :P

Another photo from our NSW trip.

The sky was so blue and the water was like a mirror!
Chaffey Dam, South East of Tamworth, NSW, October 2015.

Ahhh... The serenity :) Can't you just hear the water running?
Mossman George, Cairns. Taken July 2014.

How adorable is this little guy!
There's just something about a Brahman's big floppy ears

There may have been a pokey little puppy
catching this beautiful boy's attention
when I took this photo 

The sun setting on another day :) 

I love the fluffy ears Charolais get, especially in winter :) 

Colour won this black & white vs colour
comp too :) 

There are some old sheep yards down at
the property we own at St George.
They have so much character, but unfortunately
there's not much left of them now. 

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