20 April 2016

March Facebook Photos

How good have I been with updating my blog lately!!! It's amazing really haha... 

I hope you all enjoy these photos that were posted on my Facebook page back in March. 

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Another photo from our short trip to NSW back in January.
There really was some beautiful scenery down there :)

I thought I would share a different breed of dog today
instead of my usual dachshunds...
This is our neighbour - isn't he gorgeous?

How gorgeous is my Godson!! :)  He has he most beautiful eyes <3

Every now and then I have what my mum calls an "I saw God today" moment...
And this was one of them. 

This beautiful sunset is the March image in the
Bindi Taneal Photography 2016 Rural Calendar. 

So I wanted to share a photo that was a bit Autumn-ish
seeing as we are now in Autumn (Not that you can tell here in Emerald... but anyway...)...
This is the photo I found smile emoticon I love the warm colours and
of course how can you resist that adorable puppy face!! 

Back in 2009 my husband's family planted a Sunflowers crop,
which is when I took this photo. The birds got into them and
damaged the crop so badly they haven't planted them since.

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