29 December 2016

August Facebook Photos

I got a bit behind on sharing my Facebook photos with you again sorry.. 
I hope they are worth the wait! 

How incredibly beautiful are these flowers!
The trees looked like they were covered in fairy floss :)
Taken in the streets of Armidale, NSW, October last year.

"May all your weeds be wildflowers..."

When I look at this photo, I feel peaceful. I hope it has this affect on you too.
Somewhere in NSW, October 2015

Colours like this make my heart sing <3 :) 

Here's some of my family's weaners in the yards (taken earlier this year).

I was awarded a Highly Commended at the 2016 Emerald Show
for this photo of Payton :)

I know I've already shared a few photos of this calf,
but it's just so darn cute

Can you believe this little gem is in Central Queensland?
"Moss Garden", Carnarvon Gorge.

I took a quick trip to Carnarvon Gorge in July.
The weather was absolutely glorious (although a
bit cool in the morning!). We may have made
a couple of stops along the way so I could take
some snaps.
(You can view other photos from the drive here).

Peak Range, Capella Qld

One from the archives, taken back in January 2014. 

This is 'Hillary', my family's poddy calf from last year.

This photo was taken back in April last year. It's amazing what a difference
rain makes.

Look at the horns on this beautiful old girl :) 

There's just something about old sheds with rusty
corrugated iron and peeling paint...

Old wooden yards hold so much character.
I bet they've heard some arguments in their time hehe.

This shed is the old dairy at Saumarez House, Armidale NSW.
If you're even down that way, the tour of Saumarez House is definitely
worth doing. The house and surrounding buildings hold so much history.

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