30 December 2016

September & October Facebook Photos

Here are the photos I shared on my Facebook page in September & October. 

This was one of the first photos I took with my wide angle lens.
I love the rain, clouds and sunrays in this one

Isn't this just the most cutest Milk Mustache you ever did see?!
Hearing little miss try and say "Milk Mustache" was nearly just as adorable ;)

This sunset 31/08/2016 was just glorious.

There's nothing like a good photo-bomb XD

A simple rustic photo <3

I do love the golden hour ;) 

"Please mum... let go of my stick!"

"Please mum... let go of my stick!"

Just in case you were wondering, my dogs are REALLY hard to take photos of!

This photo got lots of likes on my Facebook page!
Graincorp Emerald at night.
(I have my Dad to thank for these ones! He rang me and told me they were unloaded so
I jumped in the car and went for a drive)

This one was very popular on Facebook too :) 

Another one from our NSW trip (aka our honeymoon in October 2015)

I haven't shared a photo from my garden for a while,
so thought I would show you all these cuties!


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