31 December 2016

November Facebook Photos

Unfortunately there will be no more photos of this cactus because, well,
it's cactus. (You know it's been dry when even the cacti die!)

A bit of cuteness to help you get through your day :) 

We have had a bit of cloud around lately so I have been going for
a few drives to try and get a good sunset photo..
but so far I have had no luck. This was the best I could get this particular day.

The clouds yesterday afternoon were magnificent. I took a bit too long getting out of town and missed
the best of the light, but I hope you can imagine how awesome they were from this photo...

So I tried to get a photo of the Super Moon 14/11/16 but failed miserably...
So I am going to share a photo of 13/11/16's beautiful sunset instead.
How magical are these hoya flowers! I may have accidentally pulled them
off my plant (whoops...) so took the opportunity to get my macro lens out :)

This photo was quite popular on my Facebook page too. Seems people
like the farming photos ;)

The clouds on the afternoon of 31/10/16 were amazing!
It looked like gentle waves on the ocean... This photo didn't work
out quite how I wanted it to, but I think it's still pretty cool :)

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